Twelve Monkeys

Poster for the movie "Twelve Monkeys"

There are not many very good Science-Fiction movies out there, let alone ones that would appeal to a broader audience than the typical fans of the genre. This is one of them. From the acclaimed former Monty Python Terry Gilliam (I promise to talk about Brazil as well at a later stage), comes a visual and intellectual treat, which still remains fun and easy to watch. And now I can’t get this Astor Piazzolla tango out of my head…

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Poster for the movie ""

From one of my favourite directors David Fincher comes a beautiful and magical old-fashioned story about a man with a very peculiar problem, a woman, and life bringing them together or keeping them apart. If this sounds like the most banal storyline, the movie is anything but. Served by a great ensemble cast of talented actors, superb special effects, a fantastic short story from F. Scott Fitzgerald, this is truly a masterpiece.

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Fight Club

Poster for the movie "Fight Club"

There can be no list of my favourite movies without Fight Club, the perfect meeting of David Fincher’s directing genius and Chuck Palahniuk‘s amazing novel (I am looking forward to Invisible Monsters next year, the adaptation of possibly his best book). Brad Pitt famously thanked him for “the best f***ing part of [his] f***ing career”, and he was right. Just watch it if you haven’t yet…

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