Buena Vista Social Club

It started as a music documentary by Wim Wenders, and it ended up being something much more than that. The perfect antidote to a day when you are feeling a little blue, this movie is an ode to the important things in life: friends, family, freedom, music, and smoking cigars…

Release Date
February 1999
1 h 45 min
Documentary, Music
Wim Wenders
Compay Segundo, Eliades Ochoa, Ry Cooder, Joachim Cooder, Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, Rubén González, Orlando 'Cachaíto' López, Amadito Valdés, Manuel 'Guajiro' Mirabal, Barbarito Torres, Pío Leyva, Manuel 'Puntillita' Licea, Juan de Marcos González, Lázaro Villa
In this fascinating Oscar-nominated documentary, American guitarist Ry Cooder brings together a group of legendary Cuban folk musicians (some in their 90s) to record a Grammy-winning CD in their native city of Havana. The result is a spectacular compilation of concert footage from the group's gigs in Amsterdam and New York City's famed Carnegie Hall, with director Wim Wenders capturing not only the music -- but also the musicians' life stories.

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