La Cité de la Peur

A special request from my sister with whom I can quote half of the movie from memory. Serial killers! The Cannes Film Festival! Glamour! Murder! Communism! Giant mouse traps! If you loved Airplane then this is your kind of humour.

Release Date
March 1994
1 h 33 min
Alain Berbérian
Sam Karmann, Alain Chabat, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Chantal Lauby, Dominique Farrugia, Gérard Darmon, Hélène de Fougerolles, Rosanna Arquette, Tchéky Karyo, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Daniel Gélin, Eddy Mitchell, Pierre Lescure, Patrick Lizana, Eric Prat, Marc de Jonge, Valérie Lemercier, Dave, Patrice Laffont, Artus de Penguern, Michel Hazanavicius, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, James Cameron, Olivier Doran, Christian Gazio, Florence Viala, Philippe Chany, Pierre Amzallag, Bruno Carette, Claire Hammond, Christian Moro, Florence Joubert, Hélène Rodier, Géraldine Bonnet-Guérin, Sophie Mounicot, Gérard Lanvin, Dominique Besnehard, Pierre Héros, Henri de Turenne
A second-class horror movie has to be shown at Cannes Film Festival, but, before each screening, the projectionist is killed by a mysterious fellow, with hammer and sickle, just as it happens in the film to be shown.

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