Living in Emergency

There are not many causes I am passionate about, but Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is one of them. This movie tells the story of a few of those people, those crazy and brave and dedicated enough to give up the comfort of their First World life and go to war-torn countries (often while the conflict is still raging) and provide essential medical care when everyone else has left. This is not pretty, and it may not be your usual Sunday night movie, but we went to see it last week and can’t recommend it enough. Try and catch it before it disappears from the screens!

Release Date
August 2008
1 h 33 min
In the war-zones of Liberia and Congo, four volunteers with Doctors Without Borders struggle to provide emergency medical care under extreme conditions. With different levels of experience, each volunteer must find their own way to face the challenges, the tough choices, and the limits of their idealism. "Living in Emergency" is a window into the seldom portrayed and less-than glamorous side of humanitarian aid work. It explores a world that is challenging, complex, and fraught with dilemmas - the struggles, both internal and external, that aid workers face when working in war zones and other difficult contexts.

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