Stranger Than Fiction

I can’t believe I completely missed this one when it came out, and then never heard about it until a friend pointed it out today. And then I watched it. And I liked it. A lot. A huge lot. With a stellar cast, a wacky premise, but not as silly as it sounds, and a big heart, it just might very well be the best thing I have watched this year so far. Oh, and one more thing, if you want to be surprised, don’t even watch the trailer below, just dive right in, enjoy, and tell me what you think about it afterwards.

Release Date
September 2006
1 h 53 min
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Marc Forster
Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Queen Latifah, Ricky Adams, Denise Hughes, Christian Stolte, William Dick, Tony Hale, Peggy Roeder, Peter Grosz, Tonray Ho, Danny Rhodes, Linara Washington, T.J. Jagodowski, David Pompeii, Larry Neumann Jr., John Mohrlein, Tom Hulce, Bruce Jarchow, Linda Hunt, Kristin Chenoweth, Jarrett Sleeper, Keith Kupferer, Danny McCarthy, Tab Baker, Celeste Pechous, Michael Cook, Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Ora Jones, Will Clinger, Frank Caeti, Andrew Rothenberg, Bob Papenbrook, Nathan Adloff, Edy Cullen, Beth Hebert, Tim Krueger, Eli Goodman, Sia Moody
Everybody knows that your life is a story. But what if a story was your life? Harold Crick is your average IRS agent: monotonous, boring, and repetitive. But one day this all changes when Harold begins to hear an author inside his head narrating his life. But when the narration reveals he is going to die, Harold must find the author and convince them to change the ending.

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